Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 217

“Church is my university.
JESUS is my principal.
The Holy Spirit is my teacher.
Angels are my classmates.
The Bible is my study book.
Trial and temptation are my exams.
Winning souls are my assignments.
Prayer is my attendance.
Crown of life is my degree.
Praise and worship is my MO2.
And my sins are my excuse letter.”
Be a student of our LORD JESUS


“I want to walk in a crowded street of people and stand out among the rest.
Not because of my dress or my cool shoes or the way I look but they will stare at me in
Wonder as I effortlessly and naturally glow with the radiance of Christ in me.
May we shine on the inside and out.”


B-egin your day with
L-ove in Christ
E-xpect blessing
S-hare goodness
S-hine like the sun
I-nspire someone and
N-ever forget that
G-od is with you…


“Everything in this world is entirely nothing. But if you would see it as something then your eyes is just looking for temporary.
For in this world, everything is set to be perishable.
Open your eyes not in earthly things, not in famous collections, not in unnecessary activities…
All may not a mistake. In reality, GOD wants to make you as even more excited about the heaven which is indescribably wonderful.”


“We should feel pity those who laugh about “Budoy”.
Why do we laugh at him?
The reason why the Teleserye was made is simply to educate all of us about Children with special needs and not to laugh at him neither to put a character into subject of jokes.
Reflect on this they may more educate than us who are not special kids.
If the only have the chances to be like us, they would have laughed at our dumb headedness.”


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