Friday, May 29, 2015

Love Quotes Text Messages 290

"When you are in love,
no matter how many charming
persons you see, you still end up
looking at the only perfect face
that your heart sees."

Love Quotes Text Messages 289

"Someday you will REALIZE
that the person you REJECTED
is more DESERVING than the
person you are FIGHTING for."

Friendship Quotes Text Messages 104

"I may not be your most
romantic best friend nor
someone special to be
proud of, But for keeping
me as your friend is an enough
reason for me to say,
"Thanks for letting me occupied
a space in your life."

Love Quotes Text Messages 288

"Memories are the reason
why we miss someone,
Because we know that
those memories won't
happen again."

Love Quotes Text Messages 287

"The temporary absence of
someone makes you miss them,
But their continuous absence
teaches you how to live without

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Love Quotes Text Messages 287

makes me SMILE,
But your TIME
makes me feel SPECIAL."

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 241

"Positive thinking is not
to happen,
It's about ACCEPTING
that whatever happens,
It's for the BEST."