Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 188

No matter how hard you try to fix yourself to look good,
if you carry out a fake personality, you're still UGLY.


A story to PONDER:

a MOUNTAIN CLIMBER try to climb a mountain that night.
He's near to the summit when ran falls. His feet slipped
and he fell, but he managed to hold on the rope.
Then he cried, "Lord save me!" then a voice came..

"give up the rope!"

But when he try to look down, he can't see anything
because it's too dark, so he still hold on to the
rope. When morning came, rescuer found
a dead frozen body hanging on the rope with its
feet just 2 inches away from the ground.

We believe in GOD. But,do we TRUST HIM?


i Don't wanna change myself for the

expectations of people around me...

I don't wanna act like an innocent person

just to say that i am good...

wnna know why? because its better to hate
me 4 who i am than to luv me 4
who i pretend to be ....


"Appreciate those people who find TIME for you
in their busy schedule,

but love the people who NEVER see their schedule
when you need them..


A simple philosophy:

"no one can really accept you at your worst without
even knowing how does it
feels being with you at your best"


Never get discourage when things go beyond
ur expectation.
ALways remmber that the greatest story in lyf
is not winning but rising every time we fall...


Each day is full of reasons to praise & thank GOD even
when LIFE seems empty of comfort & joy. It's when our cups
are empty that GOD fills them up. Real happiness
comes not on achieving big things but enjoying the simple blessings
in LIFE!


love of GOD never fails. We have to avail for it
Let him lead us to all the days of our lives. To take
the right direction.


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