Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love Qoutes Text Messages 192

A relationship is only meant for two. But some bitches
don't know how to count.


When i was younger, CRYING always seemed to be the answer.

Now that i'm older, CRYING seems 2 be d only option.


Sumtyms, words are not enough 2 make
sum1 feel dat we care 4 dem sumtyms
it needs a little effort 2 convince
them dat we exist.


I'm done w/ love...

im sick of htose nonsense promises & broken hearts...

coz ol dat love did 2 me is 2 hope 4 nothing...

and left me bleeding..


It's better to get drunk than to fall in love..

you may feel a lot of headaches, but not lots
of heart aches?


"Single doesn't mean i'm not good for anyone
it means i haven't found someone good enough for me"


Love is not d only reason y a relationship stands 4 years
or till 4 ever.. we might think dat love holds d relationship..
But what if u love 2 much & forget dat love can also weaken
or destroy a strong relationship? I just realized dat love
is not enough.. The secret of having a strong relationship is
to be loyal, have trust & commitment 2 d 1 you love..
& can accept his/her weaknesses & mistakes .. It's not how
many times you have forgiven..But how you have shown your


"Juliet didn't mind that ROMEO was a member of their
enemy clan, the Montague..

Bella wasn't scared when she found out that Edward was
a vampire..

Rose ignored the fact that Jack was poor & fell in love
with him in the Titanic..

No matter what standards we set for our ideal lover,
the fact will always remain that the person we fall inlove
with.. will always be AN EXCEPTION..


Never hate those pipol who are jealous of you.
But respect their jealousy, because they are the ones
who think that you are better than them..:))


"When nails grow, we cut nails not fingers..

so when misunderstanding grows we should cut PRIDE not RELATION."


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