Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 187

Sumtimes, GOD pushes us 2 our limits, hurt in order
2 grow. fail in order 2 know..
lose in order 2 gain, & sumtyms we have 2 b broken,
so we can be whole again.


God bless you for you make me feel brand new
this all for u for GOD BLESS me with you


A story to PONDER: a MOUNTAIN CLIMBER try to climb a mountain that night.
He's near to the summit when ran falls. His feet slipped and he fell, but he managed to hold on the rope. Then he cried, "Lord save me!" then a voice came..
"give up the rope!"But when he try to look down, he can't see anything
because it's too dark, so he still hold on to the rope. When morning came, rescuer founda dead frozen body hanging on the rope with iASts
feet just 2 inches away from the ground.
We believe in GOD. But,do we TRUST HIM?

worth sharing :)


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