Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspirational Qoutes Text Message 84

A beautiful world can only b seen tru d eyes
of a happy person..

may u always b happy to see the beauty
dat was made 4u..

be well,be safe and God blessed..


Every 60 secs u spent angry/upset/mad,

is a full minute of happiness u'll never
get back..

Life is too short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly..
Kisslowly..lovetruly..laugh uncontrolabbly.
& most Importantly,
Never regret anything that made u smile..

God's heart is the most sensitive and tender of all.

No act goes unnoticed.,no matter how insignificant or


Be thankful in every morning
you wake up, a brand new day of your adventure
in life. GOD knows how to mke ur day right.

Lukup n say, LORD BE MY GUIDE!


you will always see what's wrong when you are right.
but you will never know which is right when you
happy doing wrong. .


Learn to apologize when the situation calls for it,
Don't allow little issues to get out of hand,
Stop thinking of yourself sometimes,
Lower your pride & mean your apology.
You'll be amazed how the words 'IM SORRY"can mean much to someone
in pain. Much more if you're the reason for the hurt.


Silence doesnt alway mean yes,
it may als0 mean no but its better left unsaid..

anger doesn't always mean hatred,
it could just be a means of coping..
laughter doesn't always mean happiness, sometimes
its just a mask..

tears doesn't always mean sorrow, it may also be
an outlet of joy..

staying away doesn't always mean its the end, it may also
mean the best beginning..

Learn to forgive people amidst all the hurts
they've caused u, because sumhow in the innermost
corner of their hearts, They never intended
to cause u such pain.


What if your greate4st mistake is your greatest happiness?

will you stand to correct it or just hope
that you won't live to regret it?


The reason why a seesaw was made for two persons,

is that when you go down, there would always be someone
there to lift you up again!


here's something very humbling..

"Never look down on anybody unless
you are bending to help them up"


nver allow urself to be treated as nothing
by another person whom you valued so much.

if der's no sense in waiting, then move on,
if you feel u're not valued by dat person like you do,
then let go.

dat's life , its about making wise decisions not about
making urself a foolish one..



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