Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 56

contentment arises from the courage
of being one's genuine self, of standing alone
and of not wanting to be somebody else.


I guess..
d greatest LESSON
I've learned in lyf is to:

NEVER invest deep flings for someone,.
NEVER hope that dey'l love u d way u wnt dem to,
NEVER xpct dat those sweet gestures & sweet wrds r true..

coz eventually everything bcomes a past. sooner or l8r
dey'l jst drop u off & will leave u nothing..

so train urself to let go of d things u fear to lose..

so dat wen they're GONE u won't feel dumb & pathetic all along..


all of us have something in our past
that we regret doing..

it may have been honest mistake,
a moral failure,
or a foolish decsion.

we wish it had not happnd,

but it remains in our mind & often drags us down.
But life does not have to be that way.. while the past
remains part of our lives..

it does not have to determine our future,
So, better look ahead & prepare than look back & be in despair..


there will be days when u get home from a party & forget what the
fun was about or have a very long,
intimate conversation yet feel there are still words left
unspoken or embrace ur special someone yet never have the strength
to say u care so much..

Life tells us that happiness is never absolute so while it's
still there, seize d moment because it may nver come again.
never regret anything you do for everything is done for a reason.


ever wonder why ur friends and ur lovelife often contradict?

it's because ur friends don't knw d other half of d story
ur heart can't explain..


We always look at our scars as ugly marks..
l8z try 2 consider it as a nyc thng..

as a symbol dt sumthng painful n d past had been healed..


anyone who hides hatred is liar..

,anyone who spreads gossip is a fool..

the more you talk, the more likely you are to sin..
if you are wise, you will kept quiet

{proverbs 10:18-19}


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