Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 89

" f sum1 loves u, there is actually no need
to ask nor beg for somthing u like or want to
happen because when a prson loves u.
dat a prson would prfectly learn about what mkes
u happy even without telling what it is.."


,being alone is unhappy..
we all knw that..

but being alone is better than to have
somebody who makes u feel alone..


beware of keeping something to someone,
it might hurt them specially when u practice
acting like u don't hide anything..


the test of love doesn't come when u're together.
it comes when u part ways & u realize that despite
the distance the love & friendship is still there..


Thinking of someone you love is the most delightful way of..
wasting your time..



Anonymous said...

Dont waste ur tym REGRETTING all ur wrongs..
Know in d end u'l get wat ur heart
Try not to 2 risk it all.
dont stumble,dont fall..
Hold ur head high,
dont be afraid to say goodbye
Stay true and be you,
do everything der is to do.
Live life 2d fullest and
never look back.
There is a reason for the future
and a reason for the past.
& when ur life flashes b4 you die,
Be happy 4 what you have done
Be happy of what you have overcome
and most of all be happy
of what you had become!

Anonymous said...

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