Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 90


someone comes along and makes u forget someone else..

remmber: they're not better, they're just DIFFERENT..


somtyms , u ignor d 1 hu luvs u..
coz u knw deyl stay..
bt ur wrong!
coz sumday, d 1 hu loves u myt find sum1 hu'd
apprciate der luv..

w/c dey ddn't feel frm u..


the scariest part in being loved by someone
is the uncertainty that they may stop



love isn't about staying with someone because u don't
want to hurt or get hurt. it's about staying
because ur happy and there's no place u would rather be..


u really dont have 2 be super nice always..

sometimes u hve 2 show ur bad side

..so dat u can sort out hu can accept u at ur worst..



i have to give up on loving someone,
even if that someone says he loves me back..

not because i am jealous of the girls he is with..

byt bcoz i am tired of waiting 4 da love he s talkng about..


sometimes, u can say
"i movd on" but deep inside u knw u're stranded.

well, u can't know how long u'll feel that way
coz as long as u feel the love, there will always be pain..


"The best thing can do for someone is to just exist--

..to be there when dey suddnly realize that dey need
u right there.


the best time to say that you already found
the right one is when..
you stop looking for more..


wen u truly love sam1, u dnt luk 4 faults,
u dunt luk 4 answers, u don't luk for mstakes,
u fight 4 d mstkes, u accpt d faults & u
overluk excuses..


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