Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 70

i'v bn n dz world 4 17 yrs nt knwn f il stl b hir 4 nxt yr 2 cme
so b4 my lyf endz atleast u hir me sayin "sori 4 d mstakes i've done"
"& tnx 4 cros'n my way"!


lyf has great options..bt it doesnt mean,
dat u always hv 2 pick wat seem 2b d best.
smtyms, d best and dprfct aren't those dat mkes u happy..


"understandng is deeper dat knowldge. there are many people who know you,
but very few understands you.."


everything that God allows 2 come our way is with a purpose..
HE uses even d greatest error and deepest hurt 2 mold us into better person..


its hard to assume ur position on somebody's life .
u might be expecting too much --something far from reality.
so learn to weigh the situation, knw ur stand and keep things
in balance because the hardest to deal with is failure and the hardest
to endure is pain.


"dey say there's a reason for evrything that's heppening, but the
sad truth is that some reasons aren't reasonable enough to be
a justified cause..


"no matter how serious life gets, u will constantly need the
company of people who u can completely be stupid with.


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