Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Love Qoutes texts Messages 25

It takes three seconds to say i love you,
three minutes to explain, three hours o demonstrate,
three days o appreciate three terms to produce it,
but a lifetime to proved it.


Every teardrop is precious so better make sure that
if you drop some, its worth crying for cause you can
nver pick them and put them back to your eyes. Love wisely


Learn to appreciate d rainbow after cursing d rain,
its just lyk loving agen after experiencing d pain.


Let Go of d hand of d person u luv bt dnt let go
of God's hand 4 he may b hldng d person u luv
on d ader hand 2 let u hld each ader agen.


Nver expect LOVE to be always at its best, coz if you do,
you'll nver appreciate its existence.


Remember that there will always be one f true love for you
to have and hold. It ma not be the one you expect,
but its the one you deserve, just like you to me.


" I always knew lookingback on the tears would make me laugh.
But i nver knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.


Its hard to let go of someone who has touched
your life, but it hurts more to let go of someone
who was nver ours yet changed your life the most.


If you're afraid to love a person
bcz of friendship, you have two choices:
either say what you feel and let the love take place,
or forever have the love under a friendship full of pretendings.


Love doesn't measure on how many gifts you've sent
and hw much money you've spent on your date,
what counts most is that how truly, honestly and faithfully
you love the person.


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