Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friendship Qoutes Texts Messages 18

If i write your name on a tree I'll put
a CIRCLE around your name, not a heart,
because a heart can be broken but a circle NEVER ends.
friends forvever.


Friends are like puzzles; if one gives away that special piece, it
can nver b whole agen. friends 4ever.


I'll reach for your hand in the heat of summer, but if my short
life can't reach the dawn of spring
I promise, in heaven, I'll reach you with my wings.


We nver had time to have long talks. We nver had the chance to
have a few laughs but even though our world's don't meet, always remember
that i'll always be the same person you knew.


I've made many stupid mistakes in my life
but something i did righ was to have you as my friend...
and i don't want to make mistake of losing you.


The essence f FRIENDSHIP is not the smile and gestures we give but
a feeling when you discover that someone believes in you and willing
to trust you.


A friend is someone who understands your past,
believes in your future and accepts you today
just the way you are.


My voice is so soft for you to hear my actions
are too weak for you o see. But if you would listen
carefully, you'll hear the sound of my heart that says from
now ti'll forever, I'll always be here.


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