Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friendship Qoutes Texts Messages 15

It always make me smile whenever
my cell lights up by a message from you.
Thanks for that warm glow i receive day or night.


Someday, when the page on the book
of my life runs out, i know, you're one of the
most colorful chapter i ever had.
if it will be opened again, i'll start at the moment
i knew you.


Suppose one morning you never wake up,
do your friends know you love them?
SOmetimes 'i love you"
can heal and bless..so tell your friends this 3 words
and see what it can do. So just in case i did tonight..'i love you"


Of all the smiles you receive in a day,
there's one smile not from the lips
but straight from the heart. a smile that comes from me.


I nver searched but i found.
I nver wished but it came true.
I nver asked but i got an answer.
And I nver wanted but now I have you.
Thank you Lord for this blessing called FRIEND.


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