Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 230

“A Christian is a person who makes it easy to believe in GOD.”


“When you’re tire of everything and almost wanna quit, always put this to put into your mind:
A fighter with a greater faith in GOD will never be a loser.”


“Happiness is somewhere between too little and too much.
May you have just enough wealth to meet your needs but enough poverty to learn how
to work hard; enough hope to keep you happy but enough sorrow to keep you human.
Who you are is GOD gift to you.
But who you become is your gift to GOD.”


“The fact that you are still alive is enough for you to fully understand that GOD has a wonderful plan in your life…
Be hopeful even when things go wrong.”


“It is better to aim high and miss, than to aim low and hit.”


“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”


“The best way to cheer your self up is to cheer up somebody else.”


“Life is full of uncertainties. We’ll never know when our time o earth is up till it’s over.”


“Every morning is an opportunity to find God’s extraordinary love in the most ordinary place. Don’t forget to thank GOD for anther waking moment.”


“Every mistake has its own correction.
Every sad moment has its own reason.
Every tear has its explanation.
Every heart break has its own history.
But whatever it is, always remember that at the end of this, you will end up “LEARNING”.”


“Days are too busy, hours are too few, seconds are too fast but there is always a time for me to say ‘hello’ and ‘GOD bless’ for a friend like you.”


“Close the night with a thankful heart…
Let all your tiredness be washed out, think for moment and praise GOD for everything
He has done fro us.”


“Every day I smile and act like nothing is wrong.
It’s called, putting everything in God’s hand and simply being strong.”


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