Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inspirational Quotes Text Message 236

God wants me 2 share this message to you, i hope u will
also share dis to others.
Everyday God thinks of you"
Psalms 68:19

Evry hour God looks after you"
2thes. 3:3

Evry minute God cares 4 you"
1 peter 5:7

"bcoz every 2nd HE LOVES YOU"
Jeremiah 31:3


God often uses small matches to light great torches.

No matter how small we feel in this world
we are always special and great in GOD's eyes...


It is possible to cross an ocean without getting
your feet wet...

but it is impossible to cross life without
getting your eyes wet..

that is life..


The lord's prayer is the most beautiful prayer.
It speaks about:

-FAITH as we call GOD as our father
-HOPE as we would want the kingdom to come


“Sometimes there is a lot of sadness in our lives.
But it’s amazing to know that despite of everything GOD gives us countless reason to be happy…”


“The greatest thing that we can do for someone we love is to lead her closer to GOD…”


“Don’t mix your words wit your mood. It’s because you will have many option to change your mood but you will never have any option to replace the spoken words.”


“MATURITY is not how you SPEAK or how you ACT.
It is about how you DECIDE and how you UNDERSTAND things in life.”


“Sometimes no matter how you try to be enough for someone if they don’t feel contented having you, you’re still worthless.”


“You’re safe not because of the absence of danger.
But because of the presence of GOD.”


“Without faith it is impossible to place GOD well.”
[Hebrews 11:6]


“It’s always a blessing to realize you have still the chance t wake up every morning, even if you have sometimes failed every night.”


“Don’t force someone to text you or remember you all the time.
Just stay silent and realize how they will be without you in their life.”