Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 211

Appreciate someone's effort in doing special things for you
to be happy...

because you'll never know it will be his/her chance to do it.


Nothing is hard if the heart has LOVE
Nothing is impossible when the heart
And nothing is heavy, when "GOD"
is in your;


It hurts 2 h ope for some1 who's already happy
with someone else
but what hurts most is when you own the person
person yet she secretly loving someone else.


what's hard about being strong?

nobody cares to ask if your hurt


Sometimes LOVE is unfair, magmahal ka
masasaktan ka, itatago mo! masasaktan ka.
pro lam mo kugn ano maganda sa LOVE? maging
matatag ka na...


Its not about having a perfect relationship..

but its finding someone who matches you & would
go through everything w/o giving u up..


Never let go of anyone you couldn't go a day
w/o thinking about.

there might be a very good reason, why they're always
on your mind.
sometimes it's the brain that knows too well,
what the heart tries to deny.


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