Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friendship Quotes Text Messages 80

I'll 4ever cherish d friendship u have given me.
I'll hold 8 close 4ever next 2 my heart.
We may haven't gone a long way. but i hope well be friends 4ever..


Friendship is a collection of heart's
ready to give, share & understand,
it never fades & never ends"
it only remind us life is not perfect
without a FRIENDS..


Some friends are remembered because
of their smile, some friends are remembered
because of their style. But you are remembered
because you are so nice 2 remember.


When we share laughter, it's twice the fun. When we share
problems, it's half the pain. When we share tears, a rainbow follows
the rain. When we share secrets, it is our hearts we reveal.
You see, what draws everybody closer and makes us all care is not
what we have, but the things we share


Knowing you have always been a mystery,
i couldn't even understand how we ever becum like this..

but 4 watever reason, I'm thankful 4 d countless times
YOU made ME smile. =)


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