Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 206

“God is always true to his promise that whatever He started in you, He will take it to completion because He perfectly loves you…
Nothing is hard if the heart has love.
Nothing is impossible when the heart understands.
And nothing is heavy when God is in your heart…”


“I still smile inspite of pain.
I act like I’m fine even if I’m not.
And I’m seems to be strong even if inside I’m melting and totally broken…but it doesn’t mean that I’m a pretender. I just want to be positive while my world is negative.”


“Always remember that pain makes people changes… So don’t hurt them when you don’t want them to change.”


“Sometimes even if I have problems I just stay to be silent, because I know that speaking up, saying something or doing something.”


“Silence has a deep explanation in every situation…
It’s either you truly don’t care anymore, or pretending unaffected but deeply hurt.”


“God never says, “Do this. Do that.”
He never bullies us.
Instead, He reaches for your hands and lovingly says,
“My child, I’m here. We will do this together.”


“I lend you a hand but someone lend you a heart.
I brought you smile but someone brought you joy.
I built you a castle but someone built you a temple.
I kissed your tears but someone made it dry.
I showed you my care but someone showed you love.
I sat at your back but someone sat at your side.
Only GOD can do the best love and care for us eternally…”


“What do you do after waking up?
Are you praying or reading the text on your phone?
What do you do before slipping? Are you praying or putting your phone beside your pillow?
What do you do after receiving a blessing? Are you praying and thanking GOD or having a group message text to your friends and telling them that you are happy?
-It’s a challenge for all of us to seek GOD first in our daily lives…We should make sense… GOD must be our first priority in our life…because we all will leave with Hi forever at His Holy place…but if we follow Him…”


“A girl may not be a queen to her boyfriend or husband but she will always be a princess to her Dad…”


“An apology doesn’t always guarantee forgiveness; especially if it’s for the same mistake over and over again.”


Don’t be sad if somebody did not admit their faults and deny the truth, because according to LUNA MOONFANG in dota…
“The guilty will suffer.”


“Not all words fit to their meanings.
Sometimes what is said is not what is meant and what is meant is left unsaid.”


The fish said:
“I can’t see my tears coz I’m in the water.”
The water replied:
“I can feel your tears coz your in my heart.”


“No matter how empty your hands and an d pockets are’ it’s nothing compared to the emptiness if you don’t have GOD…”


“Sometimes, the day they realized our worth, is the day they can never have us again.”


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