Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 190

“Believe that things are going to change for the better even if you’re in pain.
It is not because you deserve it nor it’s your fortune; but simply because God loves you that much.”


“God loves you infinitely more than you can imagine…”


“Learn to enjoy the moment until it last, for you’ll never know until when it will be there… Because not all good things and good people last forever…”


“If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces…never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.”
That’s the beauty of being alive---we can always start all over again.
Enjoy GOD wonderful opportunities bestowed on us…”


“When times are difficult, remember that no pain comes without a purpose.”


“Time is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost.
So when someone spends it for you, it depend the depth of care they have for you.”


“Revenge is not good things to do.
If we get hurt don’t put it too much in our heart, we should realize that it should have hurting time…because no one knows to be strong without pain…”


“Morning is like a new sheet paper symbolize new life,
New hope,
And a new beginning…”


“As long as GOD rules in your heart and as long as long as goodness resides in your soul, no sadness can ever harm you. Life will always be beautiful…”
“If you want to find true love just learn how to wait and try to appreciate a person around you that makes you happy…”


Letter “E” is the most unfortunate character of the alphabets.
It is forever in the word “DEPT”.
It is never out in the word “DANGER”.
And it is ion the word “HELL” at all the time.
But notice the letter “E” is never in the word “WAR”, and always in “PEACE”.
It is the beginning of the “EXISTENCE”, and the end of “TROUBLE”.
Just imagine if there’s no letter “E” there’s no words:


“PROBLEMS are not the reasons to give-up, but a challenge to improve ourselves; not an excuse to back-out, but an inspiration to move forward.”

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