Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friendship Quotes Text Messages 73

“A friend defines the real meaning of friendship. It isn’t not based on how many secrets you share, isn’t how you will get along nor how much you like each other, isn’t how people see you together, but it appreciate the differences, the gaps, the hindrances, the trials, and still a friend locks at you, straight from the heart…
Without hatred,
Without judgment,
Without envy,
Without criticisms,
It is only pure acceptance and respect that’s the perfect meaning of friendship.”


“Never walk away from true friends. When you see some mistakes, be patient and realize that nobody is perfect. I am not perfect but I can always be a real friend.”


“Sometimes, friends are separated by priorities, by distance, by differences and pride but no matter how far and different we are, I’ll always be the friend you’ve known from the start.”


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