Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 184

Nver luv NAUTICAL & MARINE students coz dey wil let
u SWIM in der lies.

Nver luv CHEMISTRY students coz they can POISON
ur heart

Nver luv NURSING students coz dey olweyz INJECT pain.

Nver luv engineering students coz dey olweyz liv der
X w/out knowing Y.

Nver luv ACCOUNTANCY students coz dey olweyz liv

But instead luv da IT students coz dey will olweyz
SAVE luv & DELETE pain & PASTE da efforts 4 u
ru ur happiness...


A BF gave a challenge to his GF to live a day w/o him.
no communications at all and said if she passed it,
he'll love her forever..

the GF agreed,
she didnt text or call him the whole day,

w/o knowing that his BF has only 24hrs has live
because he's suffering from cancer..

she excitedly went to her BF's house the next day,

tears fall as she saw his BF lying on the coffin
with a note on the side..

"You did it baby, can you do it everyday? I LOVE YOU"


Girl Friend: I Cheated.

Boy Friend: So What Do you Think I Love You?
Boy Friend: I was also Cheating on you for the Past 2 Years.

Girl Started Crying & Said: I was Talking about Exams. :(

Boy: OoOops!


ang love parang
Volleyball nalang.. .

whenever i shout
"Mine", .

.everyone will

back off .:')


"nver think that you are not good enough for ur luv

sometimes,you should ask yourself if they are good
enough for you!"


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