Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 177

"Not everything that you wanted and worked hard for
is always meant to be yours.

Somehow you lose.

But when you lose,

there will come a better time that
you surely deserve more than anything.


Silence is the best answer you can give to an issue..
what's the use of admitting or denying when in the
first place, you are already judged?


"Nver treat anyone like a stone, as if they don't
feel anything... because when a stone gets back
at u, they can cause real pain"


If GOD pays u P1.00 for evry kind word u speak,

and takes away P1.00 for evry unkind word u say,

would u then be rich or POOR?


if you feel that you are less needed by a person,

learn to apply these two words:



"a person that has a "happy spirit" doesn't easily get
tired and is always disposed to do good..

we've been created for greater purpose - don't let
yourself fall in things that remove the "beauty"
of your heart.."


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