Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 183

"Sometimes, you have to run away..

not just to create distance..

but to see who cares enough to run
behind and pull you back."


I nver dream for perfect relationship

but i always dream of having a long time
relationship, not for months but for lifetime


The worst thing that a man can do to a woman,

is to let her fall in love and leave her when
she falls. :(


if you love two people at the same time,
choose the second one, because
if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't
have fallen for the second.


the best way to LOVE someone is to be just
his/ her FRIEND && wait until
she/he will realize that s/he needs you to be
MORE than that


"there are songs that can reli make u cry
sad wen u hear them...

But it's actually not da song dat makes u cry,

It's da person memories dat comes first
into ur mind..


Sa 17 regions,
80 provinces,
136 cities
1495 municipalities,
41995 brgys.
7107 islands,
sa total of 300,000 area in square kil0meters.
And over 94M populati0n here in our precious country.
I found YOU? :">


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