Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inspirational Quotes Text Message 125

Attitude is like p0sing
for pictures,

we p0se d way
we want to be seen by others,

but st0len sh0ts are better..

it captures who
we really are...:)


‎"Always keep y0ur w0rds s0ft and sweet,
just in case y0u'll have to eat them,
y0u can swall0w it well"


i was searching 4 true love, but i cudn't find any1..

2 my surprise.. I FOUND HIM! hanging on d cross dying 4 my sins a man named



Let me share w/ u a beautiful allegory - The pencil maker told
the pencils 5 important lessons:
1st, everything u do will always leave a mark.
2nd, u can always correct d mmistakes u make;
3rd, wat i impt is what is inside u;
4th, in life u will undergo painful sharpenings w/c will make u a better pencil.
And most imprtantly, 4 u 2 bcome d best pencil, u must allow urself 2b held & guided
by d hand dat holds u!


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