Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love Quotes Text Messages 119

When you are in Love
you cant fall asleep
because reality is better
than your dreams....


How would u knw if ur badly inlove?
it's wen that person hurts u not just
but still,
ur willing to love him again...:-(


It's sad to accept how time flies so fast
That the person who was once your world
The one you start and end your with,
Had just swiftly turned into someone
who only says Hi...
Or just gives you a quick smile now,
or worst...
Had just become a familiar face...;-(


get close enough to hav fun but dont
get attached enough to get hurt
dats the exact degree of status dat
every SINGLE person should get...


When you truly care for someone
their mistakes never change our
feelings, bcoz its the mind that
gets angry but the heart still
loves them.....


i cant go back from where i started so i
shall walk 4ward goin nowhere i will run
no matter how far as long as ur with me
i will keep u til d end of my story....


der r tyms we wish we cud shout out
ol d questions n our mind but ders
sumtng dat stops us, 8s d fear of
being hurt upon hearing d answers...


little thought:
"2 people will not be together
for so long if they cannot forgive
each others little failure"....


"maybe the reason why we don't admit
how special someone is...
it's because we don't want to deal with
the reality of pain when we lose them"!!!


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