Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 99

Silence is d best answer u can giv
2 an issue....
What's d use of admitting or denying
when in d first place, u'r already


It feels good to have someone who
knows how weak and stupid u are
at times & yet still finds u amazing
simply because dey LOVE U


don't miss the chances that life is
giving you to spend with people
you love; remember
when it comes to life there are
no rewinds...


some people are not afraid to do
something wrong. what they
fear is to be caught doing


"how we can find the right
answers, wen from the start,
we had the wrong questions"


Life has great options but u dont always
have to pick up what seem to be the best
Sometimes the best & the perfect aren't
always what makes u happy!!!!


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