Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 113

It's painful to fall inlove
w/ someone who has someone else
especially if you tried everything
to ignore the feelings..
the feelings..
worst is, if that someone made you feel
as if you're someone special..
but then
you're just special and never would be


If love gets broken,
u can look 4 a new 1,
if a glass gets broken u can always buy
a new 1, bt if "im gone"
u can nver the same one!.


"waiting for d ryt time..

may not always be the smart thing to do..

because.. sometimes..

the wrong moment..
could be the most perfect of all..


The habit of staring to someone can lead
to either of the two serious consequences:

intense addiction w/ paranoia

falling inlove.


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