Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 93

after a long nyt sleep,

here comes a new day,

new hope
ne challenges
Let GOD be ur guide..

& make ur day wondrful..


This Morning i pray to God
to "bless" U
to "guide" u to keep u "safe"
to give u "peace of mind"
to give u "joy"
and to give u "love"
all the time!


Prayer is the most cleansing therapy
of the heart & soul.
It converts the hateful thoughts
into clean, kind & pure
breath of the spirit.


God has a reason for allowing
things to happen. We may never understand
HIs wisdom but we simply have to
trust his will.


Its a joy to feel GOD'S love embracing
you, as HE whispers:" KEEP GOING!"
I'm with you not just on special days
but every moment of your life.


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