Friday, February 26, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 112

acknowledging ur feelings and sharing it
uncondionally is love..

fighting 4 wat wud really make u hapi
is courage..
letting go of what u once had if it already
belongs 2 another is respect..

knwing wen 2 do is doing wat wisdom
is a challenge..


d nextym i'l love..
i wana fall 4 sum1 who will make me feel dat loving him..

s d greatest dececion i ever made..

not jst another mistke..


"sumtyms , it is not only da bad memories
dat's mking u sad.

but also da best one which, u know, u will no happen
for the second time..

"beware of keeping somthing to someone..

it might hurt them especially when u practice

acting like u don't hide anything..


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