Friday, February 26, 2010

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 92

"Just when we thought we're already matured,

unexpected events will make us realize we still
have lots of growing up to do".


"Accepting & trying to moved on"

sounds easy, ryt?

the application of that theory simply



In ur journey 2 life,
d word of God is ur map & his wisdom
is ur compass.
& wen u face battles, let love b ur armor
& let GOD b ur shelter..


wat if lyf will give u a 2nd chance

to luv 2 d one u lost,

wud u dare give up d one u have?

or bear d pain and let chance
lose hr again?


God wnts us 2 live like d grass,
evn if it is stepped on,
crushed, burned, & cut,
it always prsists & grows bak
evn greener & stronger!


Doreamon once told nobita:

"The only person dat can make us totally
happy is the one who made us lonely..

simple yet make sense...


God always plan the best things for us..

sometimes we feel being left out, but actually
God is saving the better one than what
we actually asked for..


Let jesus b the start & end of all ur plans..
You can do all things thru him who guides &
strenghten u..
Jesus loves u & cares for u..


"the mind is d only one w/c can mke the right

but undeniably,

the heart decides for your happiness even if it's wrong..


y do misplaced things appear wen not nided?

& unseen wen u want it d most?

simply bcuz, u weren't aware of its value unless
ur about to make use of it..


I wouldn't force myself to have space in anyone's life.
coz if they really know my worth,

they'll surely create one for me..:(



-look back & THANK GOD.

-look 4ward & TRUST GOD..

-look around & SERVE GOD.

-look from within & FIND GOD.


when we make decisions there are
always 2 thoughts to consider..

-- if you're half way sure, FORGET IT.
-- if you're sure, THINK AGAIN..

Im just lyk a great movie.
d problem..

d problem is..

no matter
how great movie i maybe,

after d show,

still evrybody leaves me..


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