Friday, February 26, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 111

"anyone can make you happy by doing
something special..


only someone special can make you happy
without doing anything.."


der are two dilemmas dat rattle
the human skul;:

how do u get rid of sum1 hu wont go..

& how do u hang on to someone hu won't stay..


thinking of some1 u love is the most
delightful way of WASTING TIME.
if that's the case then i have wasted a lot &
i' willing to waste more ..I LOVE IT..


A precious thot to rmmber:

"b the reason 4 someone's happiness not just
a part of it, b a part of it,
b a part of someone's sadness, but not the rison 4 it..


isn't ranked by

whom we have known the longest
who came 1st or who cares the best.

It's about who came.

and never left..

sumtyms i cn say,
i muvd on
bt dip insyd i know im stranded i dnt know
how long ill b lyk ds..
coz as long as i feel the luv,
i will olweiz fil d pain ;(


u shud knw dat evn f how much a prson luvs,
still, u have 2 consider d fact dat..

ur nt d only 1 hu cud make him hapi..


"if i will be born a billion times..

i will still choose to fall in love with the person..



It's better to feel the enjoyment of being not committed,

rather than suffer in a relationship being cheated..


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