Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 107

"Bein destined is not just leaving it all in fate..

it's all about how exert much effort proving that
the TWO of you are rightfully meant to be.."


It's hard to wait around for something
you know might not happen. .
but it's harder to give up when you know
it's evrything you ever wanted..


U can always trust a dishonest man 2 b dishonest

it is the honest man you should not trust for you
never know when he would be dishonest. .


"Try to find what make you happy & & soon you will end up
with someone who saw your completeness without ever
wanting anything except to be a part of you.


you wanna know what's really hard?

it's when you want to express what you feel..

& all you can smile..


No matter how hard u try to bring back d old times..

at d end of d day, you will realize that old times
are just meant to be...



We really have 2 stumble nd fall a lot
of tyms 4 us 2 appreciate d luscious
taste of happiness.
8s d ratio of TEN pains 2 ONE REAL SMILE"


"should i blame love 4 making me think bout dat person everyday?

or should i blame that person for making me feel this way?


LOVE is a single word but so meaningful.

It's not just you can trust me but I'll never make you
Not just takecare but let me take care of you
Not just Im sorry but ill never hurt you again
not just im here but ill never leave you
not just I promise but ill do it
Not just don't worry but ill never give you
reason to worry,
not just i love you but my life has no meaning w/0


u'll never expect love at its
best but who ever is destined will always prevail..

remmber, there can only be 1 true love for u to exits..

it will not be someone u expect but rather u deserve..


pipol easily do change..

wen dey r alone, dey knw u.

wen dey got no1 besyd dem, u r imprtant.
bt wen dey find sum1 new, sum1 dey lyk..
dey jst sddenly dont nid u..


people never know how special someone is until they leave,
but maybe sometimes its important to leave,

so they are given that chance to see how special that
someone really is..


In relationship,

you should be faithful..

if you can't be faithful..

just be carefull...


Don't be too confident wen sm1 tells u they like u,
d real question is..


bcoz frankly js like seasons, pipol change &
so do feelings.


Too much TOGETHERNESS can be the reason for breakups.

Spending time apart gives you new stories to share
and helps you grow as a person.

When you see each other a little less, you value you time
together more.


smtyms no matter how secure u r
n sm1's arms ..
& no matter how tytly u hold on 2 prsons hand..
ul find urslf,

unintentionally inlove w/ sm1 else..


how come u have plenty of time go out
& make other people fall in love with you,
but you don't have enough time to pay attention to the one
who already does?


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