Saturday, October 3, 2009

Inspirational Qoutes Texts Messages 84

"Before you can be happy with someone else,
you should own your happiness first.
Nothing is more attractive than someone
who radiates contentment from within."


Making the 1st move to patch things up shouldn't
always come from the one who made the mistake,

but it can come from the one who UNDERSTANDS..


things happen because we choose to.

there may be regrets but blaming is not an option..

we are where we are because we brought ourselves there.
we get happy , get sad, but most importantly,



A nice thought to keep:

"you may not be perfect in many things..

but many things cannot b perfect w/0 u..


lyf has so many gr8 options
bt u dnt hav 2 always pick wt seems 2 be d best..

just pick watever mkes u reli hapi.

& it wil b d best & prect choice..


there are some things in lyf
dat are just not worth rushing..


something dat u wish wud last forever..


if one thng got broken and fixed aftr
a long time..

expect some changes..

it would nevr be the same anymore..


"letting other things happen doesn't mean you give up..

it's simply knowing that beyond risking,
sometimes, everything falls perfectly into place after


a "joke" and a "truth" are not mutually excclusive

sometimes d best jokes are true and the best
truths, we hope, are just jokes..


one cannot question the existence of feelings..

they are there, raw and undeniable..

bt one can choose not to nurture what is felt.

yet, no matter what they say, what has been felt

will always be more honest

than wat was chosen!


GOD always plans d best things 4 us,

sometimes we feel being left out,
but d truth is GOD is saving d best of things
we actually ask for!


we always want d best in our lyf,

best things best , best dreams , best of all,

but u knw
even not best of all

if god's be with u, lyf will always be d best.


don't try to understand everything..

because sometimes it is not meant to be understood..

but rather to be accepted..


God's ways are different from man's

as we follow him we discover that.

we lost to gain, scatter to reap,

we surrender to win,
give to receive, serve to reign and die to live..

In weakness, we are mde strong, in humility,

we are lifted up. and in empitness we are made full

be safe..

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