Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 101

a relationship doesn't need any promises
terms or conditions..

it just need two wonderful people..

"one who can trust" & "one who can understand.."


Mybe "trusting"
is a better compliment dan "loving"
coz u can nt olweys trust d prson u luv

but bliv me u can olweys luv d prson u trust..


6s not ec 2 hurt d1 u luv..

8s not ec 2 pretend ur hapi..

but d most diffcult thng u cud xprnz,

is 2 stand 4a dcsion,
you've nver wanted 2 happen..


wats sad bout loving sumbody?

8s wen u're not gud enuf coz sumbody else still

occupies his mind & hart.
& u knw u can't COMPETE.

wer do u thnk s da safest way?

Take d risk of luving sum1 hu s stil
undecided nd hav lots of doubts?

or learn 2 luv sum1 hu s presntly luving u bt
ur d1 hu s doubting instead..

try to think..follow ur heart? or jst mingle 2
hum u don't fil luv at ol..

-so crazy


by the time you fall in love..

you'll nver be free again..

cause you'll stay forvever trapped inside
a prison they cal..



Flirting is a habit.

For those who are single its their way of sayin
"im free"


for those who are committed, its their way sayin.
"im bored"


the heart dat knws how to bow down
and say sorry is the heart that loves you
the most..



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