Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 99

Loving sum1 who can't love u back,
is like being in a coma:

comfortably lying but unconsciously bleeding

softly sleeping bt silently hurting..


People might change but there are 2 things that can't
be changed.

their NAME,

and the MEMORIES u've had with them..


to love you doesn't mean to commit wid u..

Im satisfied wid watever connectoin i have wid u..


The wonders of stupidity: I feel happy, yet it hurts

I smile yet a part of me wants to break down and cry.

I give & expect nothing in return, but the truth is,
I really expect something.

A little bit of something in return for all my sacrifice
is enough to make me feel that im also somehow
important to that person,

despite the known fact that it is impossible..


True love isn't just expressed in passionately
whispered words or an intimate kiss or an embrace;
before two people are married, love is expressed in self-control
patience,even words left unsaid..


Fall but do not stumble.

Share but never be unfair. Understand but try not to

Get hurt but never keep the pain.


Love is not d only rison y a relationship
stands for yirs or til forever nd we myt think
dat lu holds d relationship--

but wat IF u love TOO MUCH & FORGET dat luv
also can weakn or gt worst nd dstroy a strong relationship?

i jst realyzd dat luv s not enaf nd d secret of havng
a strong and lastng relationshp is to TRUST d ONE u LOVE nd
to accept his weaknesses or mistakes--

Its not how many tyms u have FORGIVEN,but how u have shown


"Its not the commitment that matters for you to
prove your love for someone. rather, it's the happiness
that you feel when you seem him/her smile whether the
reason is you or not.."


once you've already let go of sum1,

u should have d courage 2 nver see him/her agen..

coz gudbyes r not created 4 nothing..

it really ends sumthing..


You should never assume that somebody loves u by only
seeing their sweetness.
sometimes, we should believe in the fact that it's their


It hurts like hell to pretend that you're happy when deep
inside you're dying.

It takes a lot of effort to flash a smile when all you wanna
do is break down and cry.

The saddest part of it all is you wanna end the torment yet
your heart just keeps on holding on.

Living in an illusion that there's still hope when all
you've got were just ashes of a joke..:(


if you don't want to lose the closeness you have with a person.

don't fall inlove.


i never wanted sum1 to love me for a lifetime.

i only wanted sum1 who's willing to love me..

truly while she is mine..


if you love is really true, no matter how strong
the temptation is..

you can be stronger enough to turn your back..


..if they don't how to value me..

i let them go..

..its much better to lose them than to feel stupid all
the time..


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