Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 82

"Sumtyms we have to be very careful on
dropping things,

because they may fall into places wer
we cannot pick them up anymore!..


Happiness can't be found when you seek it
for yourself, but when you give it to
others, it will find its way back to you.
s the mystery of happiness..


Humor is a sweet condiment in our existence.

laugh at your own mistakes but learn from them:

Joke over your troubles but gather strength
from them:

Make fun of your difficulties but overcome them.

Life may be tough & difficult but the value
we gain from trials make it all worth the journey.



I'm the light whoever follows me will nver be
n darkness.

john 8:12


One day, God had a work for me to do.

He showed a rock & told me 2 push it w/ ol my might.
For many years, i pushed & pushed but nothing
happened d rock doesn't moved even an inch.

In discouragement, i asked God y am i failing.

D lord respond: ur task is 2 push d rock.
never did i mention dat u move it.
"NOw I, my child,will move d rock,"
Obedience to God s easy if we only know how 2listen.
He doesnt want us 2 suffer, He only wants us 2 learn.


They may forget what you said, but they will never
forget how you made them feel..


Did u knw that good mornign is a simple prayer?
everytime u grit it 2 sumbdy, u wishng dt his day will turn
out 2b d best n everyday.

very well.Good morning!


time can heal all wounds.

time can give u another chance. time can help u forget.

time can let u move on.

but time can never give back what has really ended..


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