Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love Qoutes 100

I'm not wealthy but i hav a rich heart..
i'm not d best but i try my best..
i may not b ryt nevrything but i'm sure
io wasn't wrong n choosing u 2 b my grl.


Why are there people who choose to hang on?

Rather than, to move on immediately?

Maybe its because they're strong to
endure the pain..

or maybe because they want to feel the pain
more up to the smallest strands..

So when they let go, there's NO TURNING BACK>.

y does tears come rushing wen ur hurting
so much? maybe bcoz 8s da only way how ur
eyes speak wen ur mouth can't explain how thngz
med ur hart broken..


do u knw wats d most unique thing about d heart?

i'll tell u.. the heart is d only broken
thng dat stil works..

"Being broken-hearted is like having a broken
pair of ribs: Outside, it looks like there's
nothing wrong.. but every breath hurts..


Love means living d way God Commanded
us 2 live. As u have heard from the beginning
his command is this LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE


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