Monday, August 3, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 98

Carry heart that never hates,
carry a smile that never fades,
carry a touch that never hurts
& always carry a LOVE
that never breaks...


hurt a true hart as many tyms u want,
8 won't stop luvng u.

bt f u cheat a tru hart,
d hart won't hurt or hate u..

bt 8 won't dare 2 luv u agen..


"its sad 2 fol in luv wid sum1 who does not
seem 2 care 4 wat u fil."

but its more sad wen dat person fills
d same way yet prtends 2 actually fil nothing..


wt s sad bwt luvn sumbdy?

its wn ur not gd enaf bcoz

smbdy else stl ocupies his/her mind
& hear &..

u knw u cnt compete..


i often chose 2 pretend i'm happy
so i don't have 2 xplain myslf 2 pipol
hud nver undrstand..

smiling has olweiz been easier dan xplaining
y im sad...


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