Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 78

" the worst regret we can have in life is not
for the wrong things we did, but for the right
things we could have done but we never did."


"stay with the person who promises nothing to you
but is willing to make you happy and you are being
valued like no other."


REFLECTION: as I woke up ds m0rning,

...i realized dat i should not regret any day of my life..

good days give me happiness..

bad days give me experiences..

..both are essential to life..

happiness keep me SWEET..

trials make me STRONG..

..sorrows keep me HUMAN.. failures make me HUMBLE..

success keeps me GROWING..and GOD keeps me GOING..


always mke ur absence felt, in such a way dat sumbody
misses u..

but let not ur absence b so long dat somebody starts
learning 2 liv w/o u..


smtyms we search so much..

4 d ryt choices,
4 da ryt paths, 4 d ryt tym,
4 d ryt prson
& 4 d ryt risons..only 2 find out..


n0body in ds world is numb.

everyone can feel pain, it's just that some are
really good when it comes to PRETENDING


don't let something go
if u can't afford seeing sam2 holding it.

simple right? but this is simpler:

dnt hold sumthng f u knw u'l let go of it.


dnt xpct anythng from anyone..

xpctations hurt.

wen u don't xpct,every moment is surprise & evry
surprise brings happiness..


part of the reason why we hold on to something
so tight for so long..

might be bcoz we fear that something so great won't happen