Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 96

we may fall in love fast but sometimes
it wouldn't last.

we may flirt & take off our shirt but then
it wasn't worth the dirt.

we may have flings even if we already
have rings & still end up with the one
who give life its true meanings.

people are everywhere, but TRUE LOVE is rare.


sumtyms u cn't blame d prson 4 nt
loving u back..

smtyms u cnt blame urself 4 lovng dat person
evn f u knw dat ul jst end being hurt..


the reason why i lyk
hugs so much is because it shows me
that i am important.

that for one moment, i am the one in his
arms & no one else can come between.

no competition! no other!

possesive yet SWEET!..


what women should know:

"a man who truly loves you will never let u go,
no matter how hard the situation is."

What men should know:

"a woman who truly loves you will be angry at you
for so many things but will still stick around."


0ne nyt i talked to my heart:

'do u hate me?' i asked.

my heart said. .'no why are u asking me dat?

'coz ur always hurting me...i said..

den my heart said.."me? did i hurt u? how?

den tears fell from my eyes..

coz u always make me fall for the wrong person..':{


dont dpend ur happness to sum1 u wud
thnk u gonna spnd 4 d rest of u lyf
coz n tyms of gudbye..
u hve nothng else 2 do,

but 2 cry..


Love is a hidden fire, pleasant sore,
a soothng pain, an agreeable torment,
a sweet wound, a gentle death.


"it's better to wait for years for sum1 u are sure of..

dan 2 grab dat chance with sum1 hu picks u up

but drops u wenever he wants to.."

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