Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 76

"life is better when you're happy,
but life is at it's best when other people
are happy because of you".
be inspired. Give peace. Share ur smile.."


u learn to let things be..

wen u realize dat wat matters most
to u is the person & not the issue..


proving hpness isnt seen on hw many tyms
u laughd.
but 8s..

finding dat sensble reason evrytym u laugh..

>wat evr mkes u happy,go 4 it!..


i luk back 2 dos days i learnd 2 luv
, get hurt, cry & fight 4 it, & nw i cant help
but 2 laugh at my old dumb self, realizing
how stupid i was to stand up for things i knew
was not really meant for me..but i guess learning takes
time, & mistakes made my journey fun..


I don't really believe in the word


I just do stand with the phrase:

"I messed up but i learned!..


"we dont always know wat were doing.

In fact, most of d tym , we're guessing & hoping
dat our decisions wud pay off in d end.

dat's y we take risks & gamble in lyf..

lyf's a leap of fate fueled by dreams,mounted in hope
& nourished with d idea dat our choice is d right one..



"..if you don't lyk sumthing it..

if you can't change it, change the way
you think about it..


a nyc qoutation dat strikes me in..

"admit ur mstakes..b4 sum1 wil exager8 d story!.."


da most beautiful thing to see is a prson smiling.

and the greatest feeling would be knowing dat you're
the reason behind it.."