Monday, July 6, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 94

the best relationship?

it's not just about the love u feel
for each other but it's more on a tight
friendship that holds on the relationship
that matters.


the moment u'd find the courage to give up
ur happiness for sum1..

it would be the moment u understand love.


i nver wanted sum1 to love me for a lifetime..

i only wanted sum1 who's willing to love me..

truy while his mine..


wat is unconditional love?

its wen d prson u love tears u in2 pieces and yet
u stil smile and say..

"u knw wat, u dnt have to love me back.. be ok."


"do u knw wat happens wen u continously ignore

ur teaching them to live happily life.



The best advice a father could give to
his father wen it comes to boys:

"Don't listen to everything he says,
pay attention to his actions.


waiting for the right time may not always
be the smart thing to do..

because soemtimes,

the wrong moment could be the most prfect of all..


it hurts to miss sum1 who doesn't know
how to miss u.

it hurts to luv sum1 who doesn't luv u back.

it hurts wen u're still keeping him inside
even if he's not even urs.

but most of all,
it hurts wen u knw u have to let go &
move on but ur heart is too paralized & stubborn to do so..


"sumtyms ol 8 tkes is 1 spcial prson 2 help us luk
insyd ourslves & find a whole diffrent prson
dat we nver knew existed.."


frustating realizations:

u find d PERFECT LOVE, but in a WRONG TIME,

u find the PERFECT PERSON, but he/she is NOT nluv w/u.

u find the PERFECT ONE,but u must be LOYAL 2

u got the PERFECT LOOKS,but no 1 takes u seriously.


u got BRAINS, but got a FRAIL HEART.

u find the COURAGE, but its JUST 2 LATE,

ur READY TO LOVE, bt u DON'T KNOW where to start..


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