Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 73

regrets come right after when u
thought things are gonna stay forever!


ur words are ur own creation and everytime
u open ur mouth,

u owe the world glimpse into who u really are..


if wat's ahead scares u, and wat's behind hurts u..

just look above..

he never fails to help u..


"what hurts when people say you're
wrong is the fact that you know they would
have done the same if they were in ur place..


"f sum1 wants 2 b a part of ur lyf..

dey'l make an effort 2b on it..

so don't bother rserving a space n ur hart 4 sum1
hu doesn't mke an effort to stay!


it's hard to open ur eyes if ur dreams are sweet..

but sometimes its a must to wake up
because its the only reasonable way to see reality..


sooner or later,start taking urself seriously.

knw wen u need a break.

know wat to get worked up about & wat to get rid of.

do something that makes u stronger * more complete.

because it's never too later to have a life
& nver to late to change one

ain't it ryt?


wen u run so fast 2 get sumwer..
u miz d fun of gettn der!..

lyf s not a race, so tke 8 slowr..

hear d music b4 d song s over..!


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