Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 92

When you say you LOVE someone, make sure
your spelling is correct. because of
ur going to browse a dictionary.


-means NOTHING-


pretending to be friends w/ the one
u love is like breathing underwater-

..u can't hold it too long bcoz if u do,
u won't make it out alive..


it's easy 2 gudbye but too hard to forget.


coz love is more dan words can say.
once u've fallen, u can't help but fall over
& over again. so even if gudbye have been said,
there's something in d hear dat says pls stay

why? coz it's LOVE & d reason is UNKNOWN!


there are so many things dat sumtyms
u dnt hve 2 admit nor 2 ask!
as long as u feel..

NO nid 2 qstion it!


"tongue may deny,

bt heart,

doesn't lie!


don't be cold to someone u care about just because
dat person couldn't realize ur worth.

instead, be nice to them so they could realize wat dey
have been missing.


we get HURT the moment we start to CARE.

& they will only start to CARE when they
realize that we got HURT.


" wen sum1 is inlove, he finds it hard to sleep.
this is because he finally sees reality is more
beautiful than dreams."


"the best date is with someone who can tke u
anywhere..without TOUCHING anything but ur HEART.


wn u miss a prson..
practically, u can do nothing aside frm thinking &

don't be sad,neither be foolish...just wait until
u see each other again & mke another momnt
to be missed with..


"Sometimes, you find it hard to tell someone
about ur feelings,

until u realize dat ur actions have already
betrayed u..


i was n da stage of moving on..

i was dscarding everythng dat rmnds me of d past..

thou 8s heavy n my heat but
i nid 2 submit myslf 2 da idea of livng a separate
life part frm d one i LOVE.

days passed & i ws able 2 manage being away,
living, on my own..

bt wn i saw him agen..i broke down n2 tears..

& suddnly i realized, yes i've moved on..



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