Friday, June 26, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 58

sometimes, its best to leave some words
unspoken than to have it said yet would only
bring confusion & pain to one's heart..


its not always ryt 2 stay in pain wen u knw uv
alrdy had 2much.

& it isn't always wrong 2b hapi, wen u knw its
about tym dat u dserve 2b.


never think dat u are not gud enough for anyone.

sometimes, u should ask urself f dey are gud enough
for u..


"wE messed up yesterday.

we said the wrong words, took the wrong turn,
loved the wrong person, reacted the wrong way.

We spoke when we should have listened,
walked when we should have waited, judged
when we should have trusted, undulged when we should
have resited.

we messed up yesterday. but you'll mess up more if you
let yesterday's mistakes sabotage today's attitude..

enjoy life! live it well."


Having a "sharp memory" is great.


In some moments of my life

sometiems i found that the "ability to forget"
is a lot better..


Life is full of uncertainties.
Well nver knw wen our tym on earth is up till its
ovr, so take many pics, laugh much, take tym to luk up
at the stars,sing loudly, feel d cold wind, smile a lot,
and love like uv nver been hurt coz evry sixty seconds
u spend s a minute of happiness ul nver get back!..


there's always the possiblity that a person can get
attracted to another. it's human nature & it's not wrong
but wen you're in a commitment,
u DISCIPLINE urself, one may get attracted to numerous
prospects & it's ok. as long as u don't entertain the
feeling & knw the borderline between CHEATING & FIDELITY.
Recognize the reality that u already have the person that
gives you more than wat u can get from cheap thrills
of attraction..


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Anonymous said...

thanks for this quotes..i difinitely agree about it though if attractions start with the person's, mind then he or she already commited infidelity to his or her partner, especially married people., anyways thanks for this quote some other people reading it will be enlightened.