Friday, May 8, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 84

Love is taking the risk just to prove the
person that u love him/her. it's called sacrifice.


y do some people choose 2 love a "cheater" rather than a
good one? Y do we always believe that they r gud even they
are not? maybe because in love, you can't see d bad reality
of things, unless you get hurt by'll suddenly realize
how worse that person is..that's the pathetic part of being
inlove, that sometimes even the worst person in this world
can be the best person for your own belief!
love is not blind! it sees , but doesn't mind..


don't let yourself be stopped by anything from doing what you
have always wanted..

we are all afraid of not fitting in to this world, of not being accepted..

but it only takes for you to look around and figure out that you
are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally..

feel free to make mistakes..
celebrate life..
because even if you shrug them away, the people who love you
will always choose to stay..



it's such a stupid word for broken hearted people but for those
who are in love, it's the only thing that makes them feel pure bliss.


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