Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 68

smtyms,ur existenz givz hope 2 1 prson..
ur smyl myb a pearl 4 sm1..Ur prsenz
d1 hu luvs u dirly..So value urslf..


a dog wont fully enjoy his "dog lyf" unless u
remove d chain on hs neck..


-never limit yourslf when it comes to happiness..


" it's not wrong to be nyc evrybody but learn to be
true 2 only few so you won't end up being betrayed
by someone whom you've trusted."


God is giving u 600 million angels to take care of u.
Share them to 9 close to your heart. you will have good news
in 10 mins.


do you know what makes"first times" different?

" it's the only history in one's life that never repeats itself..


There are tyms wen prayer is the only GIFT we can
give to d people we care for, so I do pray 2 GOD 2
take care of u evry moment of ur lyf!


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