Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 80

" if he will cheat on his girlfriend just to
go out with you, he will one day cheat on you too.
"-cheaters will be cheaters... true..=)


it hurts 2 knw dat were falling 4 sum1 hu wud just
leave us hangin..


coz we smtyms close r eyes frm d realty dat.

dey nver rili luvd us..

dey just cared...


dnt let sum1 hu luvs u go away
or even lose touch.
cz 8s more dan heartache wen u finally say.
" why dont i luv u b4 lyk i luv u nw?"
nw dat u cn never be mine..


he said,
he'l nver liv me
he'l be my syd
bt wen i turn back
i saw him w/ summ1 els
i ask him " wer r u w0rds?"

den he sed " I LOVE YOU,bt she came."


me cheat because they aren't satisfied with their girl.

women cheat because they're " unloved".

truth or not? explain ur side..


Its so damn hard 2 deal w/ emotions wen u wana
be wd sum1 but u cant..

ders nothing u cn do abt it..

no matter hw hard u try 2 dstract urself.
hw u try 2 smyl & laf it out, it stil cums 2 dt
point wer u fnd urslef alone in ur rum,
helplesly wondrin & dspr8 4 dt 1 prson uv bn wantng
bsyd u so much..


ive always bn hurt by d1 i luv!
always bn luvd by d prson i dnt luv! d sad
thng hir s tho i tryd 2 choose d1 hu luvs me,
stil my HEART belongs 2d person hu HURT me!


sometimes, being kind isn't enough to win someones
heart .

we're too 'into' finding dat perfect someone.
perfect beauty. intelligence & personality.

then after the long search, we find ourselves falling
helplessly with someone who's not even half of our
ideal person.

we fall to realize that no matter howmuch standards we set.
we'd always end up not with someone we want but with
someone we can't resist falling for.


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