Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 64

everytime i hear pipol say:

" wat a small world "

i kept on wonderin y..

f d world s small..

y is it dt most of us havnt found wat wer luking for?


mornings are created to see the beauty of life once
again and to knw dat there are people who cares
about u...and i'm one of them!


"people dont really need reasons and explanation
in order to move on.because moving on is an
easy thing if you start accepting everything..


people may doubt what you say. but they will always
believe in what you sincerely do..

Remmber, "WELL, DONE is much better than WELL SAID".


do u know what realy pains a womans heart?

--it's when his man begins to keep a secret & tell a lie..


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