Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 35

Finding true love?
there is no perfect love..
the only thing u cn do 2 mke it
is to be..


pipol hv dfferent outluks n luv.
but wat evr those r
ders only a single truth bhind
evry1's hear ache:

"luv hurts wen God knws we deservd sum1 els..


fixing sum1s broken hart
s much mor lyk traeting a sickness..

no matter how hard u try..
f ur nt d ryt mdecine,
u cn nver cure d pain..


f sum1 luvz u
b proud of it,
it only menz dat u have somthn
dat aderz dnt have!
so.. dnt let 8 gone
coz 8z nt easy 2 find sum1 hu really
luvs u as wat sum1 did 2 u!


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